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Terry G. McLaughlin, PA-C

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Greenbrier Co. West by God VIrginia, sometimes!



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Search Engine

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Yes to both

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Gibson Mastertone, probably a copy, but she RINGS!

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Used to work, in another lifetime with Roscoe, never heard him called that while at Va. Power, Springfield, VA


I was just weathering out a cold day here in Greenbrier Co. WV, and for the life of me I'm not sure how I got to your website. I had previously tried to do an online search for Roscoe just to see where he had landed his amazing bluegrass skills, though I was never successfull. That really surprised me, for when I knew John, we were both around 27-28 in ca. 1985-1990, and even then he was a very accomplished picker, on both banjo and guitar. One of the most amazing things that I remember, was the fact that John possessed the two instruments that an old copy of Bluegrass Magazine I found in the WVU historic archieves section of the student library; in an article on the investment and/or speculation into musical instruments, were the most sought after. Try to say that in one sentence, LOL. As I remember John would always being going off to some bluegrass festival on Fridays, and of course to protect these rare instruments he would bring them in the office. I see from your website that he still picks (thank God) what I understood to be a Prewar Gibson Mastertone Bowtie, (the second of the instruments mentioned above) and He also had a Martin D-28 Herrinbone guitar. Both while not priceless, go try to find one and you better have deep pockets if you do. Way back then, I was just a wanna be picker, now I are one and yes it's the banjo. I got three now, one &rt;100 years old, no name handed down from family, one another no-name, (though I did have a 1/8" stainless tone ring made at a nuclear plant I used to frequent/really made a cheap 5 string sound great) my Mom picked up somewhere that I have had since even before meeting John and one that I have to suspect as being a Gibson Mastertone Copy???, though it's one of the loudest I've heard. We'll my apologies for the run on. Tell John I said Hi, and I'd love to hear from him. I'll try to make it to one of yall's shows asap. PS, Is John yall's part-time bouncer, I remember he study martial arts under one of the best. Pick On Brothers. Terry G. McLaughlin, PA-C, Banjo-ist.




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